Best Of Londonist: 21 November 2021

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 28 months ago
Best Of Londonist: 21 November 2021

Your weekly Londonist round-up.

Everything You Need To Know About London's Escalators

There are some ups and downs.

You See A Whole Other London When You're On A Canal Boat

Aqueducts, herons and biscuit factories.
alan and his wife pose next to their boat, called follow your bliss

Delve Into The Deadly Royal Relationship Between Elizabeth And Mary - At The British Library

This five-star show has a limited run. (sponsor)

Who Was The Muffin Man Who Lived On Drury Lane?

We follow the breadcrumbs...

A faintly painted muffin man carries a wicker basket full of baked goods. In the background, well-to-do ladies look out of a window.
A traditional muffin man, painted by Paul Sandby around 1759.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Is On Its Way To London

Holidays are coming (via a lorry, a boat, another lorry and a crane..)!

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree lights are switched on tonight

An Utterly Absorbing Map Of London's Railways

One to geek over for hours.

A framed map of London railways, with the 32 boroughs shown in multiple colours.

The 'Northern Lights' Will Appear Over The City Of London - With These Spectacular Illuminations

Dan Acher's Borealis.

greenwich eerily illuminated by the fake northern lights. a silhouetted couple walks past the naval college
Image: Karin Tearle

London's Christmas Lights 2021: Where, When And How To See Them This Year

A complete guide to London's glittering festive displays.

Photo credit: PA

V&A's Fab Fabergé Exhibition Far Outshines Eggs-pectations

Bling as far as the eye can see.

This exhibition knows how to make an entrance with miniature jewelled versions of the Russian Imperial Regalia.

Where To Volunteer In London At Christmas 2021

Make someone else's Christmas special.

Photo: Shelter From The Storm

25 Aerial Images Of London To Make You Fall Utterly In Love With This City All Over

Just wow.

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