Best Of Londonist: 21 January 2018

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

What to See in an Hour at Tate Modern

Job done.

Remember the London of 2008? See It Side by Side With the London of 2017

Remember that?

London's Secret Deep-Level Shelters and Where to Find Them

We could have had an express Northern line. These were the stations

Britain's Worst Historic Disasters Mapped

Shipwrecks, explosions and crashes.

Fancy Living in a Shed for £300 a Month?

Its dimensions may be small. but its ambitions are grand.

What's the Furthest a London Bus Gets From London?

Have you ever ridden it?

Arancini Brothers Show Others What Committing to Veganuary Means

Instead of a token vegan option, here's a place doing Veganuary right

The Top of One of Wembley's Twin Towers Is Hidden in This Park

Shouldn't this be in a museum?

London and Liverpool: Are They All That Different?

"I left my heart in Russell Square."

Our Little One Loved the Postal Museum's Play Space

Postal fun at Sorted!

How Well Do You Know the London Overground?

Let us know how you get on.

It's Official: South London Beats North (On the Green Scale)

Where does your borough rank?

Gillray's Steakhouse Does a 180 With Its Vegan Menu

A not so meaty menu.

What London Might Look Like if the Mayor Was a Plumber

Plumbing the depths.

London Buses Now Tell You They're About to Move... While Moving

Stating the bleedin' obvious.

Cirque Du Soleil Have Almost Cracked It With OVO

Think a kids tv show crossed with an Olympic gymnastics heat

Drag Review: Denim: World Tour at Soho Theatre

Nothing new in this show.

Theatre Review: The Here and This and Now

A funny play with an unclear purpose

The Rat Pack Hit the West End: It Was a Very Good Show

The boys are back in town.

Iconic 80s Play Still Provokes Uneasy Laughter

Rita, Sue And Bob Too.