Best Of Londonist: 2 April 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Beautiful Station Entrances: In Pictures

We walk in and out of these every day

A London Market That's Been Going Since 1236 Is Under Threat

One councillor described it as "tatty".

Heard of the British Museum's Cabinet of Obscene Objects?

Inside the British Museum's Secretum.

Soho Photos Through the 20th Century

London's most lively area.

In Pictures: London's Most Beautiful Pub Doors


The 10 Worst Disasters in London's History

Grim, but fascinating

London Shows to Watch on Netflix

Watch London Has Fallen at your peril.

In Photos: The 1920s East End

Fewer artisan coffeeshops, less sourdough.

In Photos: London's Most Beautiful Buildings

Show stopping stuff

In Pictures: Parts of London Lost to History

Everything's changing.

This Walk Has Got Canals, Mills and the Big Breakfast House

Through the East End's old industrial heartlands.

Photos: Movies Set in London

London always makes a good film set.

What's the Tallest Structure in Your Borough?

The 33 artificial peaks of London.

Quirky Things You Probably Haven't Noticed in London

Ever seen the plaque marking the exact centre of London?

In Photos: London's Most Beautiful Churches

Pretty pews and stunning steeples.

London's Skyline Growing Fast, Shows Report

One day, they'll finish the skyline.

London's Best Speakeasies

Date night=sorted

The Best Sandwiches in East London

We tracked down the very best

Climb Up the Old Wembley Stadium in Northolt

West London's artificial mounds.

This London's Most Impressive Food


Eerie Photos of East London at Dawn

Ghost-like and empty.

Guess Which London's Eighth Least-Used Station Is?

Ever found yourself here?

A Short History of London's Oldest Skyscraper


Angel Islington Is Only One of Two London Angels

It has the mother of all Mothercares.

Fantastic Photos of London's Incredible Street Performers

The people who entertain London day in, day out.

The Best New London Restaurants to Try in April

Beat the crowds

The Arcade Hidden Behind Liverpool Street Station

Ever been?

In Pictures: London in the Early Morning Golden Hour


Is JJ Town Over Already, or Did It Never Exist at All?

So much ramen

Check Out These Beautiful London Sunsets

Get a load of this in your retinas.

Ever Been Inside the Royal London Hospital Museum?

Not one for the squeamish.

Vanished London Remembered in Plaques

Including plaques for a gallows, curry shop and wardrobe.

Housing Crisis: Would You Buy a Micro Home?

Could this be the first step onto the housing ladder?

From Wembley to Forest Gate, London Has Scores of Beautiful Temples

Including one that George Harrison helped to found.

Why You Should Move to Enfield. Or at Least Visit It

Home to the greatest transport museum ever?

Mapped: The London Marathon and Exciting Things to Do Along the Route

Which other marathon maps bother to tell you about the Brunel Museum?

Video: McDonald's Spoofs Hipster Coffee Shops

Are you lovin' this?

6 London Boroughs Don't Have Their Own Museum

No, a virtual museum that hasn't been updated since 2008, doesn't count

Museum of London Commissions London's Last Bell

Every cloud.

A Closer Look at Brixton's Murals

From Van Gogh to David Bowie.

Saatchi Gallery Poses Selfies as Art

What even classifies as a selfie these days?

The Double-Decker That Serves Gin and Cake

A caffeine and juniper-infused jaunt around the capital

The Day Disney Visited Chingford

Massive star rides a little train.

All 669 Lord Mayors of London: Bitchily Critiqued

About time someone did this.

Check Out This Lovely Video of Chelsea in Bloom

Like massive candy floss

10 Exhibitions to Look Forward to This Month

A Russian revolution and futurism.

London Buildings Shaped Like the New Pound Coin

12 sides is the new 4 sides.

6 Beer Festivals to Try in London in April

A great excuse to go somewhere new in London

Budget Events in London This Week: 3-9 April 2017

Exhibitions, comedy and a quiz night.

Are Microhouses the Solution to London's Housing Crisis? A Look at the Arguments

Could this be the first step onto the housing ladder?

Check Out This Urban Festival on South Bank

Breakdancing battles and egg hunts.

A First Look at the New National Army Museum

"A complete set of surgically removed, frostbitten toes is sure to become a dark Instagram favourite"