Best Of Londonist: 19 February 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Do You Earn Enough to Live on Your Own? Click for Map ->

Could you live sans housemates?

This Is What London Looked Like in 1947

London after the war.

These Are the Strangest Things We've Ever Seen on the Tube.

Just... wow.

This Is What London Looked Like in 1974

Including London's first female bus driver

Ever Seen the Grand Trunk Railway Building?

"Unfortunately so many people spend their time looking at their smartphones and don't really see what’s there"

Browse These Photos of London From 1975

Sex Pistols, punks, flares And More.

The Future of London, as Seen From the 1980s.

Did any of it happen?

London's Best Kept Secret Brunch

Our picks.

This Is What London Looked Like in 1943

Striking shots.

Here's What London Looked Like in 1944

Step back in time.

Something to Look Out for Next Time You're in Spitalfields

Local trades celebrated.

This Is London's Chicest Food


Tube Escalator Heights Explained Through Mountains

Ain't no tube station high enough...

10 Downing Street Has a Filthy Entrance

A glance around Chez May.

Barbican: 5 Tasty Bits of Trivia

Including a movie blunder.

Foxes, Foxes, Everywhere - Even on the Tube

It's like something out of a Roald Dahl novel...

Hong Kong Egg Waffles Are London's Newest Dessert Craze

Hello, chocolate waffle with salted caramel sauce.

This Was London Bridge in 1911

And look at all those cyclists

Giant Tunnel Boring Machines Lowered for Northern Line Extension

The Northern line is inching further south...

A Time Before iTunes... Photos of London's Music Scene in the 1980s

When records shops were your main source of music

What's It Like to Stay at London's New Hotel Dedicated to Gin?

It has a bar, a restaurant and even a gin school

11 Little-Known Facts About London's Royal Opera House

Third time lucky.

An Obsession With the Green Cabbies' Shelters

"Cab drivers are the barometer of what London is thinking, in a way"

A Fatal Air Accident in Golders Green

"Machine burned to blackened skeleton".

People Flocking to Pengest Munch Reviewed Chicken Shops

Gentrification via fried chicken.

London's Got a New Aoo... And It's Full of Robot Animals

Count us in.

See the Hubble Space Telescope... On the Tube.

Who knew?

Here's One Way We Can All Come Together as Londoners

This isn't wishy-washy stuff.

Welcome to the Glaciarium: When Artificial Ice Rinks Were All the Rage

For 'engaging in the graceful and manly pastime of skating'

Why Hackney Marshes Is the Utopia of Grass-Roots Football

"How can a plain green field, sat in between a motorway and a council estate, mean so much to thousands of people across generations?"

Why Reedbeds Are So Important on the Lee Navigation

Adding a splash of colour to the banks.

Love Making Videos About London? We Want to Hear From You

Something to share?

An Art Fair You Can Take the Kids To

"This is the kind of art fair you can take your kids to without having them drag their heels"

Don't Miss These 11 Fantastic Exhibitions in London Right Now

(Giant) fingers on London's cultural pulse.

London Is Now Brewing Non Alcoholic Beer

Drink all the pints you want, with zero hangover

Eduardo Paolozzi: A Remarkably Versatile Artist

"There is so much variety on display it could easily be the work of three different artists"

Chicken Shop Competition Is High in Croydon

Are they becoming an endangered species?

An Affordable Week in London

Be wallet-friendly on your night out

Horny Beast Spotted in Knightsbridge

Hidden sculpture.

Culture Shock: How London's Theatreland Will Be Squeezed by Business Rates Re-Evaluation

Changes could lead to job losses.

Brace Yourselves: There's Going to Be Another Tube Strike This Month

Central line affected

TfL Has Been Tracking Your Phone - Here's What It Found Out

A big experiment that may go permanent.

Confessions of a Fashionista

Don't just do London Fashion Week, scoff the lot

Flip Out at London's Pancake Day Hotspots

In case your personal flipping skills are a little rusty.


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