Best Of Londonist: 13 August 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

9 More Memes That Only Londoners Will Understand

London meets internet culture.

This Is What the Tube Network Looks Like Geographically

Wiggly, wiggly lines.

Let's Put a Smile on Your Face Today With These Images

No frowny faces pleases.

Tube Embarrassment: Shouty Man Humiliated in Front of Hundreds

Why you should always think before screaming at people

In Pictures: London in 1945

Street parties galore.

In Pictures: The Best of the Tube's 'Thought of the Day' Messages

Makes you think.

The Best Library Bars in London

We'll be curled up in one of these if anyone needs us

The London Overground Is Being Extended

Gingerline - soon to be 4.5km longer.

Have You Been to London's Oldest Patisserie?

Creating cakes since 1871.

Behind the Doors of a London Crematorium

"Are you squeamish?" I hesitate, before settling on a "no, not really."

In Pictures: What Londoners Were Wearing in the 50s and 60s

Weird and wonderful London street style of the 50s and 60s

This Hidden Park in King's Cross Will Make You Late for Your Train

"I feel very loved and relaxed. I can forget about my problems and the people here have become family."

An Interactive Music Map of London

Get clicking.

London Zoo's Lions Have Got a New Toy

A much-needed dose of 'awww'.

New Photos of Crossrail Stations Have Been Released

Some dizzying brickwork at Tottenham Court Road.

In Pictures: Best of Kingston Upon Thames

An ancient town in the corner of London.

The Fluorescent Army of Engineers Moves in at Waterloo

Are you affected by this shut down?

There Are 45 DLR Stations: Here's a Fact for Each One

Test your knowledge.

Metro Cammell: You Know the Name, but What Is It?

A familiar site on the Piccadilly line.

Are You Travelling on London's Most Apologetic Tube Line?

Someone's keeping an eye on TfL

Thames Clippers Is Trialling a New Route for Commuters Outside London

River bus service ventures outside the M25.

In Pictures: The Best London Front Doors

Homely stuff.

In Photos: London in the Fog

Spooky stuff.

What Is Kombucha and Where Is It Being Made in London?

What *is* Kombucha, anyway?

Hero Commuter Discovers Additional Standing Space Down Tube Aisles

"I don't know what came over me, but I decided to venture down the aisle..."

In Photos: Best Cafes in London for You and Your Laptop

Increase your productivity.

This Chic Little Eatery Gives Us a Reason to Brave the Tourist Crowds by the Tower

The burgers look decent too.

You Can Actually Get Married in These Quirky London Venues

Including the one where you can party on board your own steam train.

The Team Behind the Rain Room Are Coming at You With Giant Balls

Giant balls!

In Photos: London's Most Honest Graffiti

Londoners telling it as it is.

Check Out the Line-Up for This Free Street Food Fest

Ally Pally never tasted so good.

Brave Enough to Get a Tattoo? Try One of These London Parlours

Have you got a tattoo? Would you ever get one?

Every Royal Fan Will Want to Go Here and Stick Their Royal Wave on Instagram

We love a bit of bling.

Where to Eat Gluten-Free on a Budget in London

Finding coeliac-friendly treats needn't break the bank

Going Viral: Hero the Hedgehog at the IAAF World Championships

We'd give him a gold.

When I Was Growing Up in South London, It Wasn't Cool to Be African

"Hair salons aren't tucked away in weird locations in zone 5"

There's a Skip Garden in King's Cross

With a sustainable cafe.

Children's Theatre Review: Horrible Histories

Summer holiday inspiration

Live Near Camberwell? You Might Be Getting a 'Box Park'...

Live around here? Is this good news or bad?

Take on Beyonce or Britney With These Dance Lessons

Check out our amazing moves

Have You Been to See the V&A's New Exhibition Road Quarter Yet?

What do you think of the new space?

Learn Street Art From a Pro on This East London Workshop

Grab a spray can.

A Taste of Island Living at This Dalston Jerk Joint

Summery cocktails and jerk chicken

A Map of Protests Across London... With Added Sound

From Nigel Farage to Ode to Joy

The Small Brixton Restaurant Punching Well Above Its Size

Smoke & Salt: now in SW9

Mrs Orwell Picks Up After the Publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Cressida Bonas is cool and conflicted.

Tube Getting Full 4G Phone Coverage Within 2 Years

Pledged by Sadiq Khan.