Best Of Londonist: 10 December 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

An Hour by Hour Look at the Night Tube

Things aren't quite as Geoff Marshall expected...

Which Trains and Buses Will Be Running in London Over Christmas 2017

What's closed when?

A 2am Trip to Smithfield Market

A slice of old London.

This Curry Restaurant Hasn't Changed in 60 Years, and Is All the Better for It

You can eat like a king here for £15 per head.

9 Secrets of the London Docklands

River pirates were a real pest

You Could Once Get an Underground Train to Windsor

A little-known tube line from the past.

The Crazy Christmas When 70 Polar Bears Descended on Leicester Square

70 polar bears once packed into a Leicester Square theatre

Where's London's Best 2017 Christmas Tree?

Where's your favourite festive spot in the capital?

Here's the Next Instalment of Our Tube Anagram Quiz - How Well Will You Do?

An addictive challenge.

JFK, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Bashar Al-Assad: All Were Londoners

Some major surprises here

La Soirée's Back With a New Venue - and It's Just as Sexy

Laughs for adult ears only

We Took a Ride on the Citymapper Night Bus

Guess how many people got on...

12 Exhibitions to See and One to Avoid as We Review London's Art Scene

All of them are free to visit.

Do You Know Which Monarch Has an Estate in Kennington Named After Them?

Elizabeth has so much named after her, but no one ever uses her name.

How to See the West End's Glorious Christmas Lights by Bus

The warm and comfy way to see London's Christmas Lights, click to see more.

Stomach-Churning Pic of Westminster Steeplejacks


Ever Been on the Woolwich Ferry? Here's What the Great British Public Think of It.

"There is no formality about boarding".

You Have to Be Over 60 to Get Into This Nightclub

A club like no other.

Bah Humbug! How to Avoid Christmas in London

It's really, really hard.

If You're Not Ordering the Pancakes at This West Hampstead Brunch, You're Doing It All Wrong

You can keep the cocktails. It's the pancakes we wish were bottomless.

The Spitalfields Sweet Shop Where You Can Make Your Own Lollipops

We just HAD to make a Londonist lolly

Can You Answer These Three Devilishly Difficult London Pub Quiz Questions?

From tube station names to wonky statues.

You'd Have to Be Scrooge to Resist This Most Dickensian Christmas

Experience the magic of a Victorian Christmas

Food Review: Canova Hall

Don't miss the 'nduja ketchup

Step Back in Time to Christmas Past at the Geffrye Museum

Your chance to win.

Bar Review: Table Shuffleboard in Shoreditch

It's the sport of champions.

Christmas Has Well and Truly Arrived in Leicester Square

It's looking lovely.

The Forgotten Man Who Invented TV, Drones, Rocket Bikes and Strictly Come Dancing

This guy was flying drones in 1915

Bar Review: Caravan

The drink matches the surroundings.

Christmas Is Getting Lit at Chiswick House's Magic Lantern Festival

Instagram overload

There Is One Very Easy, Cheesy Reason to Visit This Fulham Bar

If you can't indulge at Christmas, when can you?

Your Chance to Go Ice Skating Around a Tudor Palace

Skate back in time ...

How to Win Against History Is a Win-Win Situation

Not your normal history play.

Ever Wondered Why Charing Cross Hospital Is in Hammersmith?

Mystery solved.

The Snowman: Walking in the Air for 20 Years and Still Melting Hearts

Dancing tropical fruits and all.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie - Here's Why

Does the much-anticipated show live up to expectations?

Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol... With a Back Story

Think twice about a story you thought you knew.

This Islington Restaurant Makes the Ethical Taste Delicious

As pure as it is passionate.

TfL Donates Lost Toys to Children for Christmas

What a heartwarming gesture.

It's the Poetry Night You'll Drunkenly Fall in Love With – Whether You Like Poetry or Not

Leave everything you know about poetry at the door and embrace the shake.

Christmas Karaoke Cabins Are Now a Thing. Really. Here's Where to Find Them

Mic in one hand, festive tipple in the other...

Dream Cast Crack the Royal Ballet's Nut

Hear Tchaikovsky's beautiful score set to amazing dance.

Check Out Our Thoughts on the Woman in White Revivla

"The score sounds like a Josh Groban album, although that's maybe unkind to Mr Groban"