Best Of Londonist: 1 April 2018

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

6 Unique Victorian Buildings You Didn't Know About

Hidden in the back streets.

Walkways in the Sky: Check Out These Brand New Bridges Over the City

Weathered steel style.

This Guy Is Writing Hilarious Reviews of London's Roast Dinners... Here's One

Too harsh?

Use These 26 Despicable Phrases to Confuse Fellow Londoners

Ever suffered from a Queer Bung?

A Sneak Peek Inside Canary Wharf's New Crossrail Station

Yellow. 'Canary' Wharf. We see what they did there

Did You Know That London Has a Bookshop on a Boat?

It's called 'Word on the Water'

Can You Really Map London With Food Chains?

Culinary wasteland.

You Can Now Get Your Face Printed on a Coffee at This London Cafe

Bringing a whole new meaning to 'mugshot'.

Where to Get Yourself One of London's Prettiest Coffees

Should caffeine be beautified like this?

Another Bit of London Just Got Rebranded. 'Moretown', Anybody?

Less seems to be More.

Snack on Gnocco Fritto or Feast on Pasta: This Shoreditch Restaurant Takes You on a Tour of Emilia-Romagna

Gnocchi fritti: Italian carb of dreams

Behind the Tourist Trap: 10 Secrets of Tower Bridge

Prepare to be riveted...

Booze and Bites to Eat at the Former Home of the BBC

It's like an indoor food market

Remainers Versus Brexiteers: A Rematch in Graphic Design

Political propaganda aplenty.

A New Artisan Pizzeria Opens in Battersea

Fantastic decor.

Cookie Burgers and Nutella Pizzas: Blondies Kitchen Is Seriously Droolworthy

We're going to need a bigger spoon

You Can Now Fly Direct From London to Australia

No more hanging around in Dubai airport.

How Does a Play About Killing the President Resonate in 2018?

Remember the name Charles Guiteau.

Raunchy Ghosts From London's Past Appear at Cafe De Paris

Marlene Dietrich is uncanny.

This New Latin American Restaurant Is Brightening Up Elephant & Castle

Slightly confusing pricing but outstanding empanadas

Get Your Adrenaline Fix With This Terrifying O2 Arena Bungee

Would you do it?!

Predictable, Pastiched Cliches in Wartime Musical Miss Nightingale

An original wartime musical.

Get Sozzled on Snozzcumber at This Soho Bar, Serving Up Children's Book Cocktail Concoctions

All your old favourites are here.

Things Get Dolly Mix-Ed Up at Soho Theatre

Often entertaining, occasionally bewildering and only rarely gratuitous