Beigel Bake Has A Delivery App Now. And That Feels Important

By Lydia Manch Last edited 26 months ago
Beigel Bake Has A Delivery App Now. And That Feels Important
Image by Beigel Bake, Brick Lane.

In which we examine the news that Beigel Bake has launched an app to see if it does really count as 'news', and conclude that it does.

One of two major veterans of Brick Lane's salt beef beigel scene (sry to The Beigel Shop lovers), Beigel Bake's been stanned over the years by Henry Winkler, Action Bronson, and rumour has it, the Krays (though you'd be hard put to find a venue in east London that somebody isn't prepared to claim the Krays loved/owned/did some stabbing in once). We do a deeper dive into the BB mythos here.

And while Winkler and Bronson and potentially the Krays had to go get their beigels in person, like suckers, you don't.

As long as you live inside the M25, some of Brick Lane's most-beloved beigels are just three taps on your phone away now, with a new delivery app promising doorstep beigels within about an hour, depending on where you are in London.

The danger of downloading the app is that, yeah, you will find yourself smashing that Order Now button alarmingly regularly. I'm just three BB deliveries deep so far, but it's already threatening to work itself into my weekend routine so insidiously that I barely have to be awake to place an order, just muscle memory and animal instincts taking over.

The Kray Twins are said to have been fans of a cheeky BB. Image by Steve Birch, 2012.

One of those life experiences, like a frostily cold beer in the bath or warming your socks on the radiator, that costs less than a tenner each (two salt beef beigels, extra pickles, £2 delivery, total of £17.80), but makes you feel like an emperor. A little frisson of what a time to be alive with every order.

Beigel Bake, Brick Lane. Order from their website — or download the app.

Last Updated 24 February 2022