Is Primrose Hill Manmade? The Best Autocomplete Results For London Questions

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Is Primrose Hill Manmade? The Best Autocomplete Results For London Questions
A map of inner London with red labels showing top search results for place names
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People have a lot of questions about London. But what are the commonest searches?

The map above shows the most interesting results for a selection of London areas. That is, if you type into Google search "Is Richmond" or "Is Lewisham" or "Is [any other London place name]", what is the top answer you get back in the autocomplete suggestions.

This is a measure of the most common searches for that place.

Now, we've had to do some weeding. A search for almost any location will throw up the same set of answers for the top autocomplete results. Try it. Type in "Is Greenwich" or "Is Hampstead" or any other London place and the top answers are always among the following:

Is xyz safe?
Is xyz nice?
Is xyz in the congestion zone?
Is xyz in ULEZ?
Is xyz a good place to live?

So our map reflects autocomplete suggestions that are often lower down the list but are more tailored to the location of the query. The result is, then, subjective, but a lot more fun. Had we mapped the top answer in each case, then you'd have a map of "Is xyz nice?" and "Is xyz safe".

The results for Hammersmith. Most of these are generic, but in this case the top one is most specific to the area.

Not everywhere lends itself to this approach. Hence, you won't find Notting Hill, Peckham, Camden and many other London places on the map. Just the ones that gave good results.

If your part of town isn't on the map, it's easy enough to run the search yourself and see what you find. Share any good ones in the comments.

Our personal favourite: Is Paddington station named after the bear?

Last Updated 02 August 2022

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