There's Now A Much Easier Way To Nab A Bargain At Selfridges

Tabish Khan
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There's Now A Much Easier Way To Nab A Bargain At Selfridges
The charity shop tucked away in Selfridges. Photograph: Stuart C. Wilson/Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Selfridges is where you go to buy high end fashion and designer labels. It's not the place to find used dresses and books like you would in a charity shop But there's now an entire charity shop tucked away on the department store's third floor.

It's an art commission by Artangel and artist/writer/film maker Miranda July.

But, far from being conceptual art gone mad, it's a fully-functioning charity shop with all the proceeds going to, yes you guessed it, charitable causes. It's full of everything you'd expect to find, including second hand clothes, books, shoes and cuddly toys.

The artist surrounded by the items on sale. Photograph: Stuart C. Wilson/Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

What's unique about it is it claims to be the UK's first inter-faith charity shop, staffed by members from four different religious charities. In the true spirit of religious equality, all the proceeds will be shared equally between the four, and all have further agreed to give some of their shares to other charities.

This shop is so tolerant and diverse that you feel bad walking out of it empty handed.

The artist and the staff in front of the shop. Photograph: Stuart C. Wilson/Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Whatever you may think about the merits of the artwork itself, it's great to see such tolerance when geopolitics is getting ever more divisive both at home and abroad. What's strange though is it would probably be much better received as a charitable initiative than as a piece of art, as its social value is arguably greater than its artistic value.

Though it's a nice touch to bring something affordable to one of the most expensive shops in London.

Artangel & Miranda July present Norwood Jewish charity shop, London Buddhist Centre charity shop, Spitalfields Crypt Trust charity shop in solidarity with Islamic Relief charity shop at Selfridges (third floor) until 22 October. The shop is open 7 days a week and entrance is free.

Last Updated 04 September 2017