The Elysian Arcs: Giant Rainbows And Bubbles Appear Beneath Cheesegrater

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The Elysian Arcs: Giant Rainbows And Bubbles Appear Beneath Cheesegrater

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Iridescent rainbows and bubbles beneath the cheesegrater

A streak of rainbow arches and bubbles have appeared beneath the Leadenhall Building, AKA the Cheesegrater.

The space is filled with six-metre-high inflatables known, somewhat bombastically, as the Elysian Arcs. The installation is the work of design studio Atelier Sisu, and is intended to bring a bit of colour and joy to this grey time of year.

Cheesegrater bubbles

If the installation seems familiar its because some of these inflatables were here the same time last year... albeit without the rainbows. This year's iteration is all the more fun for the inflatable arcs, which serve as pneumatic frames for the wider artwork.

cheesegrater bubbles

With a light musical soundtrack, it's all very lovely. Though for visitors of a certain vintage, it's like stepping into a sequel to Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands:

Rainbow Islands on the C64 screenshot

The iridescent installation will supposedly "help support the mental, physical and environmental wellbeing of workers in the City and across London," and we're encouraged to "stop, reflect and recharge". It's a noble sentiment, but with the security bag checks, delirious pre-schoolers bounding around and the bunfight of Insta snappers, not many visitors will find this a calm, reflective space.

The Elysian Arcs are beneath the Leadenhall Building, Leadenhall Street until 15 March 2024. The display is free to visit and is open 10am-8pm each day. Part of the Eastern City BID's RECHARGE24 campaign.

Last Updated 01 March 2024