Step Inside Your Favourite Paintings At This New Immersive Experience

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Step Inside Your Favourite Paintings At This New Immersive Experience

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Ever wish you could wander in amongst Monet's waterlilies? Explore Canaletto's conception of 18th-century Venice? Or get lost in one of Mondrian's mazes of colour?

A major new immersive art experience launches this October in Marble Arch, offering a unique way to engage with your favourite masterpieces (and discover new ones).

Presented by a creative collaboration which includes Emmy award-winning creative team at FiveCurrents — who helped bring the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2012 London Olympic Games to life — this is Frameless.

Covering 30,000 square feet, Frameless is the UK's biggest permanent digital immersive art experience, the first of its kind here in London. Here, you won't merely be looking at paintings — you'll be transported inside them, thanks to state-of-art interactive projection technology by Panasonic.

Set to a score of classic and contemporary music, this is a truly multisensory experience, as well as a multidimensional one. Naturally, the whole thing is highly Instagrammable, with visitors bathed in the brushstrokes of some of history's greatest artists, and not an inch of blank wall in sight.

Frameless is split into four galleries, each with its own theme. Here's a sneak peek of what to expect...

Beyond Reality

Dreamscapes, other worlds, and the surreal take centre stage at the first of Frameless' four galleries. Here you'll find spectacular digital interpretations of The Garden of Earthly Delights — Bosch's bizarre, nightmarish triptych — and Klimt's The Tree of Life, plus work by Munch, Arcimboldo, Lowinsky, Rousseau, Dali and Ernst.

Colour In Motion

Celebrate creative use of colour at this second gallery. Highlights include Monet's iconic Waterlilies and Japanese Bridge, and Mont Saint-Michel by Signac — with additional artworks from Van Gogh, Seurat, Morisot and Delauney.

The World Around Us

Travel around the world without leaving London in The World Around Us gallery. Here, you'll encounter landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes by the likes of Rembrandt, Monet, Rubens, Turner, Friedrich and Ruysch. Highlights include Cezanne's Avenue at Chantilly and Piazza San Marco by Canaletto.

The Art Of Abstraction

Celebrate the pioneers of abstract art at this fourth and final gallery. Highlights include Yellow, Red, Blue by Kandinsky and Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black by Mondrian. You'll also step into the worlds of Klimt, Malevich and Klee.

Frameless opens on 7 October — and tickets are on sale now! It's suitable for all ages, and there's a café bar on-site to help you really make a day of it.

Follow @framelessLDN on social for all the latest news, or click here to book your visit right away. Tickets start at £25 for adults, £15 for children, and under 5s go free.

Frameless, 6 Marble Arch, London W1H 7AP. From 7 October 2022.

Last Updated 27 July 2022