Reasons Why London Is The Greatest City In The World

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Reasons Why London Is The Greatest City In The World

Despite delays on the underground, huge crowds on Oxford Street that are always going in the opposite direction to you, and restaurants in Soho so packed there's an hour waiting time, you've got to admit that London is pretty fantastic. Here are just some of the many reasons why.

Random conversations with friendly and opinionated Black Cab taxi drivers who know their way around and are happy to accept the £4 fare from the supermarket to your home. Source Mydestinationunknown
The view from Hampstead Heath.
Source Jeera
Because there are lidos in the heart of the city
Source Buzzfeed
London City Airport on your doorstep
Source Levanterman
The melting pot of cultures that provides the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. Source Mydestinationunknown
The parks and wetland centres that provide an escape from city living without having to physically leave. Source Mydestinationunknown
We smile a lot
Source Secretldn
Because there's always something new to try
Source Secretldn
Because London Pride is the best
Source Buzzfeed
We know how to throw a party
Source Getwestlondon
The fact that midweek drinks are kind of the norm.
Source Simonthursby
Because once a year the whole of Notting Hill is overtaken by carnival
Source Buzzfeed
Because there are views like these from Hampstead Heath
Source Madeleineblenkinsop
As well as art galleries, shows and cultural events going on all over London, amazing street art can always be found decorating our walls
Source Getwestlondon
The public transport system that makes it possible to live without a car, makes everything in London within easy reach and provides the option of a night out without a designated driver. Source Mydestinationunknown
In a recent study, London was crowned the world's favourite city; ahead of Dubai and even New York!
Source Getwestlondon
There will always be something to do, that you’ve never done before.
Source Rebeccalouisebreen
Enjoying the safety and accessibility to explore the city on foot while soaking up the atmosphere, character and history of the distinctly different areas. Source Mydestinationunknown
We have some epic views
Source Getwestlondon
Cheeky signs
Source London Underground
From Portobello to Spitalfields to Camden, our huge markets are truly amazing!
Source Getwestlondon
Knowing there is always someone brilliant you haven’t met yet.
Source Indigocult
The shopping options.
Source Groovydroovy
Because streets like this exist in the centre of London
Source Buzzfeed
There's always something going on
Source Yaz How
We have some epic views
The buzz you feel walking along South Bank as you soak up the energy radiating from the classic London architecture and landmarks. Source Mydestinationunknown
The small blue “…lived here” plaques scattered around town on buildings, reminding you they were once occupied by artists, musicians, writers and other creative souls who were inspired by the personality of the city. Source Mydestinationunknown
People settle in London from every corner of the world, and everyone adds something special.
Source Carmenescarpa
Knowing that the night bus is always there to take you home.
Source Londonsapiens
Having every cuisine in the world as a possibility for dinner.
Source Admunch
Because you can take a pedal on the Serpentine
Source Buzzfeed
You'll never run out of culture
Source Secretldn
The nostalgia of London: Abbey Road
Source Abbey Road Studios
Because our Olympics was definitely the best ever
Source Buzzfeed
Because of the talent on London's streets
Source Secretldn
Because Chinatown looks like this on Chinese New Year
Source Buzzfeed
The foxes
Source Kei.nakayama
The magnificence of the Natural History Museum entrance hall.
Source Travelandleisure
Boarding a train for an easy day out in Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Windsor and other parts of the UK. Source Mydestinationunknown
The endless food options
Source Buzzfeed
London actually has more green spaces and parks than any other major city in the world
Source Getwestlondon
The inability to be bored in a city that offers a range of free or affordable cultural, sporting, shopping and night life activities. Source Mydestinationunknown
Best tourist cliche on earth: No matter how many millions of fawning bloggers discover them, no matter how many adoring travel articles they're the subject of, no city's cabbies (or cabs for that matter) are as classy as London's. You almost feel privileged shelling out £15 (US$24) for a lift down the street. Source Cnn
There is always somewhere where you could have the night of your life.
Source Eralpvankortach
Because there is part of the original London Wall outside the Museum of London
Source Buzzfeed
Its a living, breathing songbook: To cross Waterloo Bridge is to almost guarantee the Kinks in your head blasting Waterloo Sunset. Wandering the city at random, your inner soundtrack might include Streets of London (Ralph McTell), West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys), Home Town Glory (Adele) and most anthemic of all, "London Calling". Its a soundscape city filled with record shops and music venues in which you can live/relive the music its inspired down the years Source Cnn
Having a really good restaurant, coffee shop, and delicatessen within walking distance from your front door.
Source Samdmarks
The surreal experience of walking past internationally recognised tourist attractions on a daily basis. Source Mydestinationunknown

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