This Free Quentin Blake Exhibition Lands In London At The End Of January

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This Free Quentin Blake Exhibition Lands In London At The End Of January
Illustration of a man cycling over a rope bridge
The exhibition is free, although if you want, you can spend a lot of money by purchasing an original.

An exhibition of the work of the great Quentin Blake launches at the end of January — and it's free to visit.

Blake — best known for illustrating the books of Roald Dahl — has worked on a staggering 500 books in his auspicious career, aimed at both children and adults. The new exhibition, Quentin Blake: Now, will focus on works the artist has rattled off in the last 12 months, and will mainly appeal to more mature audiences (although that's not to say art-appreciating kids won't enjoy it too).

Among the images — many of which are created with Blake's trademark 'scratchy pen and bottle of ink' — are those featuring figures perched on scaffolding floating in ethereal clouds; bearded men driving wacky-looking contraptions across craggy landscapes below sombre skies; and candid headshot portraits which you might not usually associate with the artist.

A watercolour of a man and a dog on a cliff top
All of the images on show have been created by Quentin Blake in the past year.
An ethereal picture of figures sitting on scaffolding
Figures perched on scaffolding floating in ethereal clouds are one of the recurring themes.

As the first commercial exhibition of Blake's work in decades, Quentin Blake: Now will be selling original artworks. Given Blake's unwaning popularity, it's safe to say this might be pricey. It won't, however, cost you a thing to enjoy the exhibition, which takes place at NOW in Cromwell Place from 31 January-18 February 2024. You can book a free slot, although it's not compulsory to do so.

Meanwhile, Blake fans have something even bigger to look forward. The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, a new visitor centre to showcase the art of illustration, will open in Clerkenwell in 2025 in old waterworks buildings.

Quentin Blake: Now, Cromwell Place, South Kensington, 31 January-18 February 2024, free

All images © Quentin Blake

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