London Landmarks Reimagined By School Kids

Will Noble
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London Landmarks Reimagined By School Kids
© Daisy, aged 11

Today's architects are often accused of being bland and uninspired. Maybe they could take some tips from the younger generation.

Four classes from four London schools were tasked by Barrett London to produce a fresh take on London icons. The winners had their designs brought to life in realistic 3D render. And you know what — it looks like the future of London's architecture is in safe hands.

Big Ben gets a naturalistic makeover from Daisy, aged 11, with hanging ivy, wellbeing pods (presumably for stressed-out MPs) and magnificent bee and dragonfly sculptures (at least we hope they're sculptures). David Attenborough would love this one.

© Navneet, aged seven

Seven-year-old Navneet clearly thinks the Tower Bridge marketing team aren't pulling their weight. He's turned Horace Jones' neo-Gothic bridge into an extremely pink theme park, complete with rollercoaster, waterslides, a racetrack and giant bouncy castle. Perhaps inspired by Embassy Gardens, there's also a see-through pool, which will only add value to the structure. And let's not forget the two pizza slice-shaped helipads atop each of the towers. Nice practical touch.

Ayan, aged six, is readying the city for Halloween, by transforming The Shard into an extra scary pumpkin coloured roller coaster. The white-knuckle ride slaloms down the entire height of the building, with ghosts and vampires patrolling the tracks for extra screams.

© Ayan, aged six

It is genuinely freaking us out just looking at it. Whatever you do, don't let this woman ride it.

Maybe Syeda, aged eight, has her eyes set on a job designing Winter Wonderland rides. She's reimagined the London Eye in a striking star shape, glittering with neon lights, and sure to rake in the festive punters. Truly dazzling stuff, Syeda.

© Syeda, aged eight

You can check out more of the kids' original designs here.

Last Updated 07 October 2021