Have You Spotted These Arty Bollards Outside London Bridge Station?

Tabish Khan
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Last Updated 18 September 2017

Have You Spotted These Arty Bollards Outside London Bridge Station?
The new bollards in place. Image courtesy MT Art.

London Bridge is one of those stations where walking slowly at rush hour is not an option. You'll just be barrelled over by a charging commuter with no sympathy for your troubles.

Some more of the 72 bollards on show. Image courtesy MT Art.

However, for anyone coming out of the station on St Thomas street today, there will be an additional flash of colour to their morning commute, and a cause to slow down and appreciate some art.

One of the archival photographs modified by the artist. Image copyright Jennifer Abessira.

Artist Jennifer Abessira has decorated the bollards along the street with photographs. All 72 photographs have some resonance with the local area and community. Some are repurposed archival photographs while others are the artist's interpretations of local symbols. There's photos of traffic on London Bridge and old maps of the area modified by the artist with splashes of colour added on top.

A youngster getting to grips with the bollards. Image courtesy MT Art.

The trick with all public art is to get people to notice it as they're busy rushing around London, so we shall have to wait and see how Londoners engage with it.

Have you walked past these, did you stop and notice them and what do you think of the works? Let us know in the comments.

The artworks are by Jennifer Abessira and will be on view until 26 November. The project is put on by MT Art, Network Rail & Team London Bridge.