Giant Interactive Sculptures Appear In King's Cross

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Giant Interactive Sculptures Appear In King's Cross

Antony Gormley isn't the only one in town with blocky humanoids on show.

King's Cross is currently home to a pair of massive chunky people. Here's one:

Massive sculpture

And here's the other (behind the Mayor and artist Steuart Padwick).

The heavyset duo are described in the press release as "breathing interactive giant cuboid wooden figures". As the long string of adjectives suggests, these are no mere chunks of wood.

The ‘Talk To Me’ installations interact with passers-by, with voices from actors and performers including Tom Goodman-Hill and Niamh Cusack. The installation was created to encourage positive conversation around mental health issues.

How's it work? As you approach one of the sculptures, a sensor registers your presence (but hopefully not your face) and triggers some audio. You'll hear 'poignant and uplifting words' written by notable poets, writers, actors and mental health ambassadors.

The piece is intended to provoke conversation about mental health, "reminding us that through communication with one another the weight so many of us carry, can be lessened".

The installations are part of designjunction 2019, a three-day event across King's Cross for designers, and those who like to hang around designers. They will remain on show until 22 September.

Last Updated 18 September 2019