Canary Wharf Gets A New Rainbow Wrap

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Last Updated 29 June 2023

Canary Wharf Gets A New Rainbow Wrap
Artist Adam Nathaniel Furman sits on a colourful V-shaped support structure
The artist seated on his creation

"A celebratory sheath of colourful, dramatic drag."

That's what now greets visitors to Canary Wharf as they exit from the Elizabeth line. This multicoloured artwork enlivens the underside of the Adams Plaza Bridge. It's part of this year's Pride celebrations, though it'll be left up as a permanent exuberance.

Exit of Canary Wharf Crossrail station, with a colourful V-shaped strut in foreground

The rainbow intervention is the work of colour-smith Adam Nathaniel Furman (whose Proud Little Pyramid brought a smile to Granary Square a couple of years ago). Called "Click Your Heels Together Three Times", it's "intended as the architectural scale equivalent of queer icon Judy Garland’s famous ruby shoes in the Wizard of Oz".

Meanwhile, up in the Crossrail Place Roof Garden, a Short Story Station will dispense six free poems by the artist, which relate to his work.

The V-shaped support structure covered in colourful wrap

However deeply you choose to engage with this new artwork, it's lovely to see a splash of colour enlivening the whites, greys and browns of the Canary Wharf Estate. Expect to see it all over your Instagram feed imminently.