Hunt Down Aliens And Kaleidoscopic Artworks Across The West End

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Hunt Down Aliens And Kaleidoscopic Artworks Across The West End

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Harry Hill poses with three green aliens
Harry Hill wants to take you on an intergalactic journey, courtesy of little green folk that he made himself

Walking through the West End right now, you might find yourself doing a double take.

But let us assure you that yes, those ARE little green aliens dotted around central London. They're part of Brighter Future — a public art initiative part of The Art of London Season 2022. And they've transformed the West End into a mahoosive outdoor gallery — with artworks representing optimism, progressiveness and collective determination for building a better future, via colour and a multitude of media!

So what else is available to feast your eyes and ears on?

Zarah Hussain admires her kaleidoscopic wall murals in St James's Market

Well, there's Zarah Hussain's wall murals and patterned flower gardens, inspired by her Islamic heritage. They create a calm and tranquil environment, and are on show in St James's Market till mid September.

Over in The Garden at St James's Church, Piccadilly, you'll find Fiona Quadri's installation, Crossing Paths. These colourful freestanding designs, are about celebrating London's multiculturalism and diversity.

Fiona Quadri poses with one of her vibrant freestanding artworks

The Austro-Nigerian's artworks are accompanied by audio interviews, covering topics from heritage to gentrification to creativity.

As for those aliens, they're the handiwork of a certain Harry Hill (yes, THAT Harry Hill). Track down the cute little green folk in Leicester Square, St James's Market and The Garden at St James’s Church, Piccadilly.

A little green alien standing in Piccadilly Circus
Track down these little green people, with help from Harry Hill

And if you need any further help exploring any of the Brighter Future displays, we highly recommend the immersive augmented reality trail, voiced by Harry Hill. You'll find QR codes to scan at each installation.

It's free to enjoy all Brighter Future displays — and everyone will love them (whether you're an art fiend, or just want something to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours during the summer hols).

And did we mention that all of these artworks — promoting colour, positivity, inclusivity and optimism — are HUGELY Instagram-friendly (just saying).

Displays run into the autumn. Check out the Brighter Future website for more details.

Last Updated 08 September 2022