An Absolutely Massive Mural Has Arrived In Shoreditch

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Last Updated 03 August 2018

An Absolutely Massive Mural Has Arrived In Shoreditch
About as much of the mural as you can capture in a single shot.

Shoreditch is no stranger to street art, but there's something a bit special about the latest lot of paint slathered over its bricks and mortar. Head to Colt Technology's London HQ and find what will soon be the largest wall mural in the UK — a vibrant amalgamation of geometric shapes, colourful characters, cubist faces, and even a touch of Gothic drama.

Part of the mural by Hunto and Mr. Thoms.

Six months ago, the telecommunications company tasked Global Street Art with giving its facade quite a dramatic face lift. 16 artists, 250 litres of black paint, and 500 cans of spray paint later, and their work is almost done.

Corner section by Mr. Oliver Switch & Busk.

The artists were split into eight pairs and each given a section to collaborate on. The idea was to facilitate a sense of connectivity, both between each pair of artists and between the various parts of the mural. Apparently, this is a crucial theme for a telecommunications giant.

Section by Tizer and Captain Kris.

"The artists were fantastic and the mural looks amazing", Lee Bofkin, Global Street Arts' co-founder said of the very nearly completed project. But he didn't shy away from the difficulties that come with such a task:

It has been a big logistical and technical challenge as all the walls were covered in pebble dash and turning it into a blank, black canvas ready for each artist was critical!

Section by Slam and Best Ever.

If you want to find out how they did it, Global Street Arts' Youtube channel has a few videos of the process. The final flourishes are due to be added by artists Neist and AutOne any day now. To see it in the flesh, just head to King John Court... you can't miss it.