Alternate Perspectives On London's Landmarks

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 26 months ago
Alternate Perspectives On London's Landmarks
Photo: Jolade Olusanya

Up and coming photographers have taken shed new light on London landmarks. These shots present famous structures such as The Millenium Bridge, St Paul's, Tower Bridge and more, but not quite as you remember them.

Photo: Genea Bailey and Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Better Perspectives, is a project sponsored by Expedia, and provides a platform for young photographers to give their take on London.

Photo: Juliette Carton

Some of the photos are more abstract than others, such as Tatenda Nyamande's look at the lights on the ceiling of the Tate Modern, or Lamarr Golding's take on the looming inside of Tower Bridge's arches.

Photo: Lamarr Golding

Others capture images we're just not used to seeing. The Shard not towering over the rest of the skyline, St Paul's peeping out behind a tree and Big Ben without its illuminating clock-face.

Photo: Ben Shmulevitch

Some of the images just show snippets of famous landmarks, such as tourists outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and only a small quadrant of the London Eye.

Photo: Nicholas Constant
Photo: Tatenda Nyamande
Photo: Chloe Newman

See all the photos in the project.

Last Updated 28 December 2016