A Decade Of Stunning Shots From London's Rooftops Go On Show

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A Decade Of Stunning Shots From London's Rooftops Go On Show

A new exhibition shows off views from the rooftops of London.

London's skyline has changed radically over the past decade. There to record it all was James Burns. The professional photographer specialises in shots of the city taken from elevated positions.

He's accumulated some spectacular show pieces over the years, including this humdinger of a sunrise.

Sunrise from Centre Point.
View of sunrise from Centre Point. The Cheesegrater and The Scalpel lean back to frame the star.

James shares his best shots with his 35,000 Instagram followers. Now, his work is the subject of an exhibition at The Steel Yard, near one of London's earliest lofty peaks, the Monument.

Rainbow over London
Crock of gold buried at the Elephant?

The exhibition is described as "more than a documentary look at architectural change. James’s intuitive understanding of the weather leads him to capture London’s burgeoning skyline at moments of epic natural wonder, from ethereal, misty dawns, to electric midnight storms."

Here's one of said storms:

Lightning strikes the City
City storm photographed from a Barbican tower.

As well as stunning large format prints, the exhibition will also feature a screening area, where visitors can sit and watch a more in-depth slide show that takes you through the decade.

Balloons over the city

London From The Rooftops: A Decade of Change runs at The Steel Yard, 13-16 Allhallows Lane, from 19-21 November, noon-11pm. Entrance is free. Follow James on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Further images from the rooftops

Last Updated 06 November 2019