19 November 2013 | By: Sponsor

Go On A Special London Tour With General Assembly

This is a sponsored article on behalf of General Assembly.


This is your in. General Assembly London are giving one lucky winner the opportunity to go behind the scenes of some of the top tech companies in London and learn from the best in the industry.

Enter by Wednesday 20 November and you could win:

  • Personal tours of Google, Hailo, Airbnb, Passion Capital, and The Up Group
  • 1-on-1 career mentoring from talent masterminds at each company
  • Four £15 vouchers to tour in style from Transport Partner of Choice, Hailo

Everyone's a winner. Even if the stars don't align, all entrants will receive a collection of insider interviews on how to break into the tech industry, and a free online class on how to land a job in the startup world.

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