Picture Quiz: Name That Prime Minister

By M@
Picture Quiz: Name That Prime Minister
A selection of Prime Minister statues outside Number 10

You know those Doctor Who episodes where previous incarnations of the Time Lord team up to prevent a disaster? Well, imagine that happening with Prime Ministers and Number 10.

That's the slightly desperate scenario pictured above. We've imagined the statues of 11 former PMs gathering around the famous portal.

Your job is to name as many as you can, and also where the statues can normally be found (all are from London).

Note: the assembly isn't quite complete. A few of these PMs have multiple London statues, and we've excluded indoor sculptures (hence why the famously beheaded likeness of Margaret Thatcher is absent).

How many can you name and locate?

Background image by Sergeant Tom Robinson RLC/MOD under Open Government Licence. Statue images and photoshoppery by Matt Brown.

Last Updated 16 September 2022