Quiz Time: Name That Tunnel!

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Quiz Time: Name That Tunnel!

All the following tunnels or passages are, in some sense, publicly accessible at most times. All are in London. How many can you identify?

1. Graffiti artists will not be prosecuted

2. Speaking of graffiti...

3. Heading east...

4. Wait, isn't this one in Star Wars?

5. Here's one you can easily travel through, though not often on foot...

6. A private space, though open daily to the public...

7. This one can feel a little spooky...

8. Nearer the centre of town...

Answers below...

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1. Leake Street graffiti tunnel, near Waterloo.

2. Tooley Street beneath London Bridge.

3. The Ripley tunnel beneath the Old Naval College in Greenwich.

4. Walkway to Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf.

5. The Thames Tunnel, which carries the Overground between Wapping and Rotherhithe.

6. London Silver Vaults on Chancery Lane.

7. Woolwich foot tunnel (lesser-known cousin of a similar tunnel between Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs).

8. Marble Arch subway.

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