7 Of London's Scariest Places

By Rachael Chadwick Last edited 63 months ago
7 Of London's Scariest Places
Photo: Cedric Chambaz.

London can be a scary place at the best of times. If you're one of the estimated 10 million people in the UK with a particular anxiety (just thinking about it can start your heart pounding, your palms sweating, and kick off that wobbly nervous-nausea, right?), you might want to avoid these seven London locations like the plague.

Or perhaps it's time to face your fear once and for all...

1. Arachnophobes vs the Spiders at London Zoo

Do you get the jitters at the thought of creepy crawlies?

A Golden Orb spider at In With The Spiders, ZSL London Zoo.

In With The Spiders at ZSL London Zoo is not the place for you.

This walk-through experience gives you the chance to enter the habitat of the golden orb spiders, and have them running free above your head. Yikes. You can also peek at the black widow, huntsman, and other species nearby.

For those brave enough, London Zoo offers a Friendly Spider Programme, which combines cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy to cure your arachnophobia.

2. Acrophobes vs The Shard

Oh my. It is a long way up, isn’t it?

It's a long way up... or down. Photo: Andrew Porter.

This (literally) unmissable London landmark has become a firm favourite among locals and tourists. It's no wonder, as The Shard stands at a staggering third of a kilometre high.

But for those terrified of heights, the View from the Shard is likely to bring on a serious case of vertigo — the platform (244m up) boasts 360-degree, 40-mile views of the city.

But, if you have acrophobia there is no way you could look up, let alone out. But don't worry — the lifts only travel at speeds of six metres a second. That won't get the heart racing on the way up... much.

3. Claustrophobes vs the Greenwich Foot Tunnel

According to the NHS, around 10% of the UK's population is affected by claustrophobia during their lifetime.

If you fall into this category, taking a stroll through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel will push you to your limits. The tunnel runs between the Greenwich South Bank and the Isle of Dogs at 15 metres under the Thames.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel, by Andy Kirby.

Once you're in, you're in, with 370 metres separating you from daylight on the other side.

Up for it? We’re right behind you.

4. Nyctophobes vs Dans Le Noir

Dans le Noir is an exciting restaurant, set to get your senses flowing. The catch? You dine in complete darkness.

Scared of the dark? Might be best to avoid this one. Photo courtesy of @DansleNoir 2012

With only the staff to guide you, you sample the menu in a pitch-black setting.

It may be a unique experience but for those afraid of the dark, it's a complete and utter nightmare. Good luck. And for goodness sake, wear a bib.

5. Agoraphobes vs Waterloo Station

Passing through Waterloo station is part of a daily commute for many. Just a normal day, right? Not necessarily. If you suffer from agoraphobia, even the thought of this setting will cause the panic to set in.

Photo: Sean Batten.

Last year more than 98 million people travelled through Waterloo station. And that's not even including the tube. TFL warn that 8.30-8.45am is the busiest time at the station, so we suggest you get to the office early to avoid the Waterloo rush.

6. Aerophobes vs Emirates Aviation Experience

Fear-of-flying folk probably won't enjoy the Emirates Air Line cable car, floating in those little dangling containers 50 metres above the river.

The cable car. Photo by Matthijs Borghgraef.

But there's something around the corner on the Greenwich Peninsula that is far worse for aerophobes. The Emirates Aviation Experience provides visitors with an insight into the world of aviation through exhibitions, films and a flight simulator.

You can opt to fly an Airbus A380 or Boeing B777 and go through a take off and landing in a 30-minute or 1-hour session. Hey, at least you get to choose your own weather conditions.

7. Phasmophobes vs Ghost Walk

"I ain't afraid of no ghost", you say? Prove it.

London is home to so many haunted spots that London Walks have a ghost walk for every night of the week. Choose from a trip down the back alleys of the old City, the Georgian streets of the West End or even follow the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, hearing all of the gory details as you go.

Spooky. Photo by Simon Rigglesworth.

Of course, the guides will point out where ghosts have been sighted before. But if you see one yourself, who you gonna call?

Last Updated 25 October 2016