London's Most Unusual Spaces, Photographed

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London's Most Unusual Spaces, Photographed

Peter Dazeley dazzled us with his last photographic book about the capital. Now he's got a fresh collection of outstanding images.

Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir near Wembley.

London Uncovered presents 60 lesser-known locations, all of which can be visited by the public (though some are more restricted than others).

Normansfield Theatre in Teddington.

The immaculate photography is accompanied by text from Mark Daly, to explain the history and function of each space.

Eltham Palace entrance Hall.

This gorgeous tome finds grandeur in the most unlikely parts of town, such as the Rivoli ballroom in Crofton Park, or Kempton Steam Museum in Hounslow.

Entrance of The Ivy.

Dazeley also takes his lens to smaller spaces, such as Alexander Fleming's laboratory in Paddington, or James Smith & Sons umbrella shop in Holborn.

Basement of John Lobb show shop in St James's.

A browse through this book will renew your fascination with the capital and provide a bucket list for places to visit that'll keep you going for years.

Gala Bingo Hall in Tooting.

London Uncovered: Sixty Unusual Places To Explore is out now from Frances Lincoln.

Last Updated 12 October 2016