A Sea Of Singing See-Saws Is Coming To Leicester Square

Laura Reynolds
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A Sea Of Singing See-Saws Is Coming To Leicester Square
The installation in Montreal. We're hoping for less snow when it arrives here. Photo: Ulysse Lemeryse/OSA

15 illuminated, singing see-saws arrive in Leicester Square Gardens next month, with the public able to use them for free.

LED lights and speakers in the see-saws are activated by movement, meaning they come to life with sounds and light sequences when people are on them. When not in use, they glow a solid colour, which should brighten up Leicester Square as the days start drawing in.

People using the see-saws in Montreal. Photo: Ulysse Lemeryse / OSA

The see-saws are an installation called Impulse, which was previously in Montreal in Canada over Christmas last year as part of light festival LuminotheĢrapie.

Photo: Ulysse Lemeryse / OSA

Impulse will be in Leicester Square 5-27 October, and the see-saws will be free to use.

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Last Updated 15 September 2016