In Photos: The Monuments And Views Of Nunhead Cemetery

Laura Reynolds
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In Photos: The Monuments And Views Of Nunhead Cemetery
Photo: Londonist

Nunhead Cemetery is one of the 'Magnificent Seven' cemeteries, and originally known as All Saints Cemetery when it was consecrated in 1840. The memorials here range from simple gravestones to elaborate monuments for some of the wealthier people buried there. The cemetery is also a nature reserve.

Looking towards the central chapel from the Linden Grove entrance. Photo: Stephanie Sadler
A shot of the cemetery in infrared. Photo: Torsten Reimer
A memorial to the 2nd Walworth Scouts. Photo: Londonist
The cemetery under snow. Photo: Anna Negrini
The Friends of Nunhead Cemetery undertake conservation work in the cemetery. Photo: Londonist
One of the many memorials. Photo: Jeremy Johns
Many of the graves, which date back to the mid-1800s, have been subsumed by nature. Photo: Londonist
The far left and far right memorials in this photo are two of the most elaborate in the cemetery. Photo: Raymond Goertz
Another photo taken from the Linden Grove entrance. Photo: Londonist
Some of the older gravestones are now illegible. Photo: Stephanie Sadler
Some of the cemetery's Commonwealth war graves. Photo: Londonist
Looking east towards the chapel (most of which is now ruins). Photo: Adam Swaine
On the western side of the cemetery, a viewpoint is marked on the map. Climb the hill to the viewpoint and you'll be rewarded with this view of St Paul's Cathedral. The trees are trimmed so as to protect the view. On the horizon to the left of St Paul's, Alexandra Palace can be seen. Photo: Londonist

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