Apple To Build New HQ In Battersea Power Station

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Last Updated 29 September 2016

Apple To Build New HQ In Battersea Power Station
Image from Doctor Who, NOT what the new Apple campus is expected to look like.

In 2006, Battersea Power Station was taken over by world-conquering Cybermen.

In 2016, history seems to be repeating itself, as Apple announces that its new London HQ will be based in the former energy plant.

The new 'Apple Campus' will consolidate the company's many current offices into one, big, iconic location. Up to 1,400 staff will fill up six floors of the riverside landmark.

The power station and surrounding area is part-way through a huge regeneration scheme that will see thousands of new homes crammed into the former industrial space. The redevelopment will be served by two new tube stations on the Northern line, and sit alongside the new US Embassy.

Apple's cultural connections to the area don't stop at Cybermen. Another neighbour will be New Covent Garden Market, perhaps the biggest seller of apples in the country. Meanwhile, the old Covent Garden Market in central London includes what was the world's biggest Apple Store.

According to the Evening Standard, the new Apple Campus will open in 2021, adding a bit of buzz to an area that many fear will turn into a vacant investment opportunity for the mega-rich.