Control A Ghost In A Maze Of Razor Blades

Tim Lewis, Flowers ★★★★☆

Tabish Khan
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Control A Ghost In A Maze Of Razor Blades Tim Lewis, Flowers 4

We've been fans of Tim Lewis's kinetic artworks for a few years now. They're fun, engaging and refreshingly touchable — in fact you have to touch.

These interactive works needs to be activated, and having done so, they are a joy to behold. Stand hypnotised as spheres revolve around each other, or turn a handle to draw a face on the gallery wall.

In the largest work two arms face off against each other; little and index fingers protrude from each hand so it looks like two bulls are locking horns and fighting it out.

The stand out work though is a maze with razor blade walls; turn a handle and a 'ghost' navigates its way through the sharp labyrinth. As the ghost reaches the exit, the maze re-arranges.

It's a fun work, with some dark references. It could be read as a rather depressing outlook on life.

Another aspect of these works is their lo-fi feel. Rudimentary mechanics and found objects are re-purposed with a human element. This workshop feel makes them all the more relatable in an age where everything is mass engineered to precise dimensions.

Tim Lewis: Beneath Above is on at Flowers Gallery, 21 Cork street, W1S 3LZ until 1 October. Entrance is free.

Video by Antonio Parente.

Last Updated 13 September 2016