1066 Is Happening All Over Again... In Hyde Park

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1066 Is Happening All Over Again... In Hyde Park
© English Heritage.

Watch your yoga mat doesn't get stampeded by hordes of angry men on 8 October — that's the day Hyde Park reverts back to the year 1066.

Marking 950 years since the Battle of Hastings, one dedicated group of reenactors is recreating the epic journey of King Harold, marching from York to the East Sussex battlefield, over a three-week period.

This could be trampling all over your picnic. © English Heritage.

Next Saturday, they arrive in Hyde Park (at this point they'll have trudged 242 miles), inviting visitors to learn more about Saxon and Norman England.

You can see (and if you're lucky, hold) the kind of weapons used during the bloody battle, play Norman games... and even witness the story of the battle told through vegetables.

"Gentlemen, to bed. For we leave at daybreak." The troops depart from York earlier in September. © English Heritage.

Saxons and Normans will be on hand to tell their side of the story, while a live interactive talk sheds light on the fateful summer of 1066.

The camp will be located close to Apsley House in Hyde Park, from 10am-4pm on 8 October. Entry is free.

Last Updated 29 September 2016