A Guide To Playing Pokémon Along London's Canals

Laura Reynolds
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A Guide To Playing Pokémon Along London's Canals
Image: Canal & River Trust

Seven Pokétrails — walks featuring a series of Pokéstops — have been unveiled by the Canal & River Trust, meaning you don't have to stop catching Pokémon to enjoy the city's fascinating waterways.

The seven trails along the Regent's Canal range from 0.5 to 1.7 miles in length, and include the Pokéstops and gyms along the canals, from Limehouse to Paddington.

Trail 2

Trail 2 is longest trail at 1.7 miles, and features a whopping 22 Pokéstops. It runs from Mile End Road Bridge to Actons Lock in Haggerston, skirting round the edge of Victoria Park.

Trail 4

A total of 11 Pokéstops and a gym can be found on trail 4 which stretches for 0.7 miles, from the western end of the Islington tunnel, round the back of King's Cross station and past Granary Square.

Trail 6 runs from the Regent's Park Road Bridge, along the towpath that runs through London Zoo and along to the Chalbert Bridge in the north east corner of Regent's Park. On this 0.7 mile stretch you can find 10 Pokéstops and one gym — and you'll probably have an audience from some of London Zoo's creatures while you're playing.

See maps of the other four trails, an interactive map, and more information here — who knows, you may come across Dratini, Psyduck or Lapras on your next waterside walk.

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Last Updated 26 September 2018