What Would You Say To An Alien? This Show Has Some Tips

By Howard Ryland Last edited 72 months ago

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What Would You Say To An Alien? This Show Has Some Tips
Two smiling crocheted aliens

If aliens did come to London, how would we communicate with each other? Camden Fringe show, We Are Not Alone, explores this question and many more. And there are puppets.

Will they already have jammed to Johnny B Goode on the Golden Disc, sent out in to the ether on the Voyager space probe in 1977? How would you say hello to an alien? What if they weren’t so friendly? How long could we survive an alien apocalypse? So many questions.

The play's two central characters, astrobiologist Dr Alex Parker and military specialist Captain Reynolds (with the help of finger puppets) lead a workshop designed to equip citizens for the imminent arrival of beings from outer space. Would there be a difference in approach between the scientist and the soldier in dealing with the unfamiliar?

Audience participation is highly encouraged and if it all gets too much, there will be alien-themed snacks on hand.

We Are Not Alone, Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar, 109 St Paul's Road, Highbury Corner, N1 2NA; 20, 21, 27 and 28 August. Tickets £10.

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Last Updated 04 August 2016