9 Shows To See At Camden Fringe 2016

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9 Shows To See At Camden Fringe 2016

There are 900 events in the Camden Fringe which runs from 1 to 28 August.  If you're overwhelmed by choice, take a look at our top picks — and let us know yours too.

The cast of Worst Case Scenario

ONE FOR MY BABY: Backed by live jazz music, this is the story of the passionately wild marriage of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. Now You Know Productions explore the sadness and chaos behind the glamour, and discover that behind those Ol’ Blue Eyes lives real Sinatra.
Tristan Bates Theatre, 1-6 August, 9.15pm, £8/10.

RADIATOR: Radiator is the story of a woman locked in her own world, waiting for the doorbell to ring. Based on a true story of schizophrenia, Radiator is rooted in the absurd. It questions the imaginary and explores the curious realm of loneliness, friendship and plumbing. You will never ignore your radiator again.
Tristan Bates Theatre, 2-6 August, 2pm,  £7/10.

Julia Masli in Radiator

WORST CASE SCENARIO: When the last surviving Dodo, Raphus Cucullatus VII, is injured in a road collision with a motorbike, the animal community are made aware of the tangible threat of the extinction of his species. As the story unfolds, Veronica Venom and Arthur Longtail cross-examine the witnesses in a chaotic courtroom setting to decide the fate of the sole surviving Dodo.
The Cockpit, 3-6 August, 7pm,£7.50/10.

Rebecca Calienda in Fire Burn

FIRE BURN: THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH: A brutal, all-female supernatural Shakespeare continues its international tour. Three sisters meet to enact the tragedy of Macbeth. They conjure vision after vision: the man with bloody hands, the woman who walks in her sleep, the father avenging his family, the ghost of a betrayed friend.
The Cockpit, 3-5 August, 9pm, £9.50/10.50.

BLOOD WILL HAVE BLOOD: An intimate, audio-immersive sequel to Macbeth with headphones that respond to audience choices. It is the tale of the young boy Fleance, who witnesses the murder of his father, Banquo, and is set adrift in Macbeth’s brutal new Scotland. Touring with Fire Burn.
The Cockpit, 3-7 August, various times, £14/15.

Kunst (details below)

CTRL+ALT+DELETE: A tale of resilience in the face of adversity. Amy Jones challenges the injustices of the world and finds that your biggest enemies are sometimes the very ones who brought you into the world. Performed by Emma Packer, Winner of Best Female Act 2013/2014 Camden SOLO Festival.
Camden People’s Theatre, 8-9, 12-13, 15-16 August, 7.15pm, £7.50.

KUNST?: An elderly couple’s ritual squabble over an evening’s television is expanded and distorted into a series of surreal comedic episodes. Physical humour, poetry, song and dance collide to show a familiar scene of domestic passive-aggression through an absurd comic lens.
Lion and Unicorn, 17-21 August, 7.30pm, £8/10.

Lydia Lakemoore in Thlides

THLIDES: Spawny John, an army veteran, sits in a small antechamber halfway down a Butlins water slide. His close (and inflatable) friend Duck sits comfortably about his waist. They address the finer points of death, loneliness, and soup.
Lion and Unicorn Theatre, 21-23 August, 6pm,  £7.

A CLOCK FACE EXHIBITION: An immersive theatre show delving into the lives of six recovering cocaine addicts.
Rabbit Hole NW3 Theatre, 27-28 August, 9pm, £7.

The Camden Fringe runs at various venues around Camden until 28 August. You can explore the full programme here.

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