It's Already Christmas At Harrods

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 29 months ago

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It's Already Christmas At Harrods

It may be so warm that your eyes are melting out of their sockets, but at Harrods, it's already Christmas:

Santa was feeling particularly warm. We should point out that Harrods' Santa is always fully clothed during the Christmas season.

The swish Knightsbridge store has opened its Christmas store, offering the well-to-do denizens of our capital bling baubles like this:

And this:

The air in Harrods' wintry wonderland is thick with carols and air con, as well as the scent of Christmas dinner, this year laid on by the aptly-named Tom Kitchin:

And although it's far too early to be thinking about this stuff right now, we have to admit, we're quite excited about eating the ingenious invention that is the Christmas croissant.

Last Updated 22 September 2016