Massive Rebecca Adlington Statue Appears In The Serpentine

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Massive Rebecca Adlington Statue Appears In The Serpentine

A giant sculpture of Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington currently graces The Serpentine lake in Hyde Park. The semi-likeness of the swimmer was put in place in celebration of the Rio Olympics by main sponsor Kellogg's.  

The photo and headlines kind of say it all, but we need to fill the gaps between photos with some kind of text, to make it look like we're not simply milking a press release for the sake of pageviews when, in fact, we are.

One of these is the real Rebecca Adlington.

Imagine if we really could field a 24-foot Rebecca Adlington at the Rio Olympics. Wouldn't that be brilliant? Sure, the IOC are pretty tough when it comes to performance enhancing drugs, but we're guessing there's nothing in the rule book to stop us from massively increasing the size of our athletes. We'd win every race. Easily.

Are you still reading this nonsense? There's nothing much to see here. Oh, OK. Here's one of the the sculptors assembling the behemoth back in the studio.

The Serpentine is no stranger to oversized plastic celebrities. In 2013, a four-metre-high Colin Firth emerged from the water as part of some kind of promotional stunt for a TV channel.

Photos by Jed Leicester/Rex Features and Casey Gutteridge under creative commons licence.

Last Updated 25 July 2016