A Klingon Map Of London

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A Klingon Map Of London

We've all had a tourist stop to ask directions. What if that tourist were Klingon, and your universal translator had a fault? Well, with our handy map, you'll now be able to work out where the Klingon is heading.

"Wagh vlrurqu'law'" means our ridge-headed friend is looking for an expensive shop, probably Harrods. Were he or she to ask for "nuv Ha'DlbaH ngev", we might direct them towards Smithfield Market.

The map above shows some of the attractions the off-worlders might wish to visit. As far as we know, London has yet to boast a Klingon restaurant, but it's only a matter of time before some enterprising East End pop-up serves bowls of gagh washed down with raktajino.

A new Star Trek series is coming early in 2017. You can learn more Klingon phrases using Bing's translator.

Last Updated 23 September 2016


I'm afraid I must advise you *not* to learn a language from an automatic translator ;)

While Bing Translator is the best Klingon translator available, it's still very inaccurate most of the time, as the corpus used is too small. For example, {vIpe'qang} (which you used for "Church") actually means "I'm willing to cut it.", and {ghurqu' je meH} (which you used for "Tower Bridge") really means "It also really increases, command bridge."

Here are my suggested translations:

Voyage of the King: ta’ leng (“emperor’s journey”)

Tech City: cham veng

Green place of the pretend king: ta’qoq Daq SuD (“the
so-called emperor’s green place”)

Those who would counterfeit fame: QaqqangwI’pu’ (“those
willing to behave falsely honorably”)

Hailing frequencies open: rI’Se’ (“hailing frequencies”)

Those who sell meat: Ha’DIbaH ngevwI’pu’

Those who have pathetic beards: rol puj ghajwI’pu’

Wine and song: HIq bommey je (this one was correct!)

Opera house: ghe’naQ qach ({qach} means “house” in the sense of “building”; {tuq} means “house” in the sense of “dynasty” or “lineage”)

Church: chIrhg (“temple”)

The Tower: chalqach

Big Clock: tlhaq tIn (in Klingon, the adjective comes after the noun it modifies. Also, you might consider {tlhaq’a’}, which means something like “THE clock”)

Big Eye rotate: jIrbogh mIn tIn (“the large eye which

Tower Bridge: chalqach QI

Expensive shop: ngevwI’ wagh

Queen’s house: ta’ juH (ta’be’ (“emperor-woman”) isn’t wrong, per se, but seeing as the Queen of England is a queen regnant, rather than a queen consort, it’s more suitable to just call her emperor/empress, which is ta’)

Famous battle voyage: may’ noy leng

Ed Bailey

Oddly enough, even though the map's transliterated Klingon for "Voyage of the King" is the nonsense phrase *{rI'Se' mInDu'lIj} or "your eyes of hailing frequency," the Klingon inscription above it reads {ta' leng}, or "emperor's journey."