Parisians To Give Out Hundreds Of Croissants At King’s Cross

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 96 months ago

Last Updated 21 June 2016

Parisians To Give Out Hundreds Of Croissants At King’s Cross
Mmm butter-laden pastry. Photo by Glen Scarborough on Flickr.

Oooh la la! We’ve made a change to this piece to remove a line stating that Operation Croissant was intended to persuade UK voters to remain in the EU. It turns out that was not their intention and croissants are available to anyone, no matter way they'd like to vote, or even not vote at all.

On 22 June — the day before the EU referendum — a group of Parisians will descend on King's Cross to give out hundreds of croissants.

The purpose of the stunt is to 'break bread' with Londoners, showing how close France is to the UK, with the aim of spreading neighbourly love ahead of the EU referendum.

A short note from a Parisian will accompany each croissant, saying, well, anything they like.

Operation Croissant was founded by a group of friends called Rosa, Marie-Cybèle and Imogen who were shocked to find another friend was still sitting on the fence about which way to vote. They offered to bring a croissant from France to London to sway her decision — and it worked.

If only all major life decisions could be solved with Viennoiserie.

Inspired by Operation Croissant, two Dutch sisters are now organising a multi-city stroopwaffel handout.

Who knows what other sweet delights could join the campaign before next Thursday?

If you have any Parisian friends who would like to send a croissant across the channel they can get involved by emailing [email protected]