Are These The Worst London Souvenirs?

By Victoria Thomas Last edited 71 months ago
Are These The Worst London Souvenirs?

Grab your own piece of the capital with these London gifts. They're all available online, so you don't even have to have visited here.

Celebrate the love of one of Britain's favourite couples, one step at a time with these William and Catherine flip flops. Trying to keep stylish on holiday need never be a problem again.

William and Catherine Coat Of Arms Flip Flops from Cafe Press

Missed the Royal Wedding on TV? Never fear, recreate it yourself with this terrifying Duchess Of Cambridge doll, complete with drag make up and manic grin. Just a tip from us, don't put the veil over her face — it's even creepier.

Kate Middleton Bride Doll w/Replica Engagement Ring from Paradise Galleries

It's not London's prettiest building, but if you've been praying for a way to show love for City Hall in the form of Christmas decorations, look no further. Why stop at just the heart-shaped one? Zazzle has a whole selection of star, circular and oval-shaped decorations to give your tree that, er, special finish for a pricey £19.10 per decoration. The very keen can get it personalised too...

City Hall London England Ceramic Heart Decoration

Think of all the inappropriate things you could get away with saying if you were disguised in this Prince Philip mask. We actually quite like this one from Find Me A Gift.

Prince Philip mask

Do you know what London needs? A duck/Big Ben hybrid with a square head. This poor duck from the Houses of Parliament shop has been through quite the ordeal after being melded together with the Elizabeth Tower. A perfect gift for the avid rubber duck collector, we're betting they don't have this one already.

HoC Duck Big Ben

Get in bed with someone who was once the most powerful man in Britain. Sweet dreams guaranteed with this David Cameron pillowcase. It's 50/50 polyester and cotton to keep it at an affordable £8.99; that's austerity for you.

I Love David Cameron pillowcase

Dress like a local with this Brit Kit. A stylish Union Jack-printed t-shirt, baseball cap and socks will have you blending into the city in no time. They'll be wearing it all over Shoreditch soon.

Union Jack Brit Kit

Last Updated 06 April 2018