How Much Broccoli Is There In Brockley?

Will Noble
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How Much Broccoli Is There In Brockley?

Ever wondered how much broccoli there is is Brockley? Well we have. So just how many of the south east London enclave's eating establishments use its namesake in their regular menus?

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Broccoli in Brockley?

We get off to a good start: at the The Brockley Barge (the local Wetherspoon) you get your broccoli fix in the form of the superfood salad. The arboreal veg also appears in the delicious-looking sweet potato and roast broccoli salad at Browns of Brockley. And broccoli stands loud and proud as a side dish at Villa Toscana — an unusual but welcome addition to their Italian menu.

Also, here is living proof you can find broccoli at Brockley Market. AND their posters sometimes feature actual broccoli:

That, sadly, is where the tributes appear to end.

We can't find mention of the humble broccoli on the regular menus for other reputed restaurants and pubs in Brockley, including The Brockley Jack (though perhaps it's included in the seasonal veg for their roasts), Jam Circus, The Orchard, The Gantry, Essence of India and Brockley's Rock. What concerns us most is that a couple of these menus flagrantly flaunt broccoli's cousin, cauliflower. Bit harsh, isn't it?

And while we're sure some of these guys give broccoli an airing on the menu from time to time, surely they should be honouring the green homophone on a more permanent basis?

Other Broccoli in Brockley

Fortunately, Brockley's relationship with broccoli doesn't end there.

Earlier this year, a giant piece of broccoli sculpted from sand appeared in Brockley, in the claws of an even bigger sand sculpture of a cat. It was a comment on the soaring price of rents in the area.

Broccoli has also become something of a pin-up figure in this awesome Brockley/broccoli merchandise designed by Simon Obee & Brett Woodall. (It's available printed on t-shirts, tote bags, and this baby bib):

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Cubby Broccoli in Brockley?

We can't discern whether or not Bond producer Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli ever visited Brockley, but we'd like to think that he did, and dined on broccoli soup.

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