Food Science Mythbusting... In A Pub

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Food Science Mythbusting... In A Pub

The food industry throws up all kinds of nonsense, from the spurious concept of 'detoxing' to the dubious benefits of 'superfoods'. Meanwhile, plenty of food additives get a bad press on the flimsiest of evidence.

A Cosy Science event on 28 June picks apart some of the myths concerning our dinners. Join blogger The Angry Chef, Sense About Science's Stephanie Mathisen and dietician Jennifer Low at the Cittie of Yorke pub for an evening of science-based discussion about what we eat.

Cosy Science, Cittie of Yorke, 22 High Holborn WC1V 6BN, from 7pm. Entrance is free, and you can just turn up.

Last Updated 06 July 2016