Celebrate Falafel Day By Learning To Make Them

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Celebrate Falafel Day By Learning To Make Them

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If like us you love falafel, you'll probably already know that Sunday is International Falafel Day. And you're probably already planning to scoff these chickpea delights to your heart's content.


But wouldn't a better way be to learn how to make them for yourself? That'd make every day like International Falafel Day, and you'll never have to nip out for your falafel fix again.

In Boaz's home country, falafels are a staple street food — and now he's going to show you how to make your own.

From the comforts of Boaz's kitchen in Clapton, he'll share with you his secret tips — from how to select the right chickpeas, to the best spices to use to how to roll the perfect balls for frying.

And since no falafel ball is complete without a dollop of hummus to dip it into, you'll get a free lesson in hummus making too, bargain!


You'll be filling yourself up on your creations on the day but bring a box for any leftovers.

Join this class — and make every day International Falafel Day.

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Last Updated 07 June 2016