A Map Of Craft Beer Pubs Showing Euro 2016

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 36 months ago
A Map Of Craft Beer Pubs Showing Euro 2016

Gone are the days of watching the football while standing in a pub with a pint of tasteless lager. Now you can cheer on your favourite team, with a pint of something properly tasty instead.

The difficulty is finding a place that not only shows the football, but also serves good beer.

Well, Mick Conroy is your new best friend. He's created a map of 200 craft beer boozers in London, and then used some clever coding to scan their Twitter feeds for indications they're showing the beautiful game.

Now you can watch Belgium with a saison in hand, or cheer on Germany (well, someone has to) with an altbier.

The map shows locations as well as each pub's most recent tweet mentioning the Euros, so you can check and be sure before they go. So far it looks like about 50 places are showing the tournament.

It'll be updated, so if you find any places that you think he's missed, tweet him @mickyconroy.

Just stay away from French beer. Unless it's called Cotes du Rhône."

Featured image from DeskBeers.

Beer pedants' note: we know there are good french beers really.

Last Updated 10 June 2016