The Best Of Smithfield In Photos

Laura Reynolds
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The Best Of Smithfield In Photos
The market in snow in December 2010. Photo: David Bank

Smithfield Market is the UK's largest wholesale meat market. There's been a livestock market on the site for over 800 years but the current buildings were opened in 1868, although there was a small amount of bomb damage from world war two.

The market consists of three listed buildings. Other market buildings have been demolished in recent years, and Museum of London has plans to move into the General Market Building in the next few years.

The wider area of Smithfield, in Farringdon, is also home to St Bartholomew's Hospital and London's oldest surviving church, St-Bartholomew-The-Great.

The clock was first installed in the market in 1870, and fixed as part of a wider market renovation in 1995. Photo: shadow_in_the_water
Looking north from the central thoroughfare of the market towards Charterhouse Street. Photo: Flamenco Sun
The Smithfield Market bell. Photo: Matt Brown
A now-closed entrance to the market. Photo: Bob
Photo: David Bank
Poultry Market corridor. Photo: Matt Brown
This building was knocked down in 2010 to make way for Crossrail, the business long closed. Photo: Richard Partridge
Note the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in the left of the shot. Photo: Rob Oxley
Photo: David Bank
Photo: Jansos
Statues in snow. Photo: LondonDave
No sniggering. Photo: Stockcar Pete
Photo: Sean Batten
Photo: Martin Pinker
Photo: ErroneousCAM
A rally of the Executioners, a club of vintage car collectors, at Smithfield Market. Photo: Dario
Peeking through the iron gates. Photo: Zimmerman, Wolfgang
Food for thought. Photo: Andrea Vail
Port of London Authority building on Charterhouse Street. Photo: Gary Kinsman
Inside an abandoned market building. Photo: LiamCH

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