A Water Cocktail Bar Is Opening In Selfridges

By Zoe Craig Last edited 54 months ago
A Water Cocktail Bar Is Opening In Selfridges
Selfridges. Photo by David Bank

Selfridges is opening Britain's first water cocktail bar in store later this year, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

Inspired by similar water bars in the US, the bar will be located in the accessory hall, and serve a variety of water brands.

There's been a surge in interest in designer H2O in recent years; at the top of the range is Japan's Fillico Jewellery Water. A Swarovski crystal-studded bottle of this particular wet stuff will set you back £150.

A dedicated water bar might sound like a bonkers idea, but there are those with more refined palettes who insist water can be appreciated in the same way as wine.

Martin Riese, a former restaurant manager and leading 'sommelier d'eau' says, "water has a taste. Why not create a water menu?

"Like wine, one can actually taste the region and depth from which the water comes."

The news rather leaves the Londonist office thinking, 'whatever next?! A cafe dedicated to serving breakfast cerea... oh.'

Last Updated 23 May 2016