Sadiq Khan Introduces One-Hour Bus Ticket

Will Noble
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Sadiq Khan Introduces One-Hour Bus Ticket
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Sadiq Khan's one-hour bus ticket will come into effect in September, the new Mayor of London has announced.

A prominent promise during Khan's campaign, the 'hopper' fare means that Pay as You Go (PAYG) Oyster card users can use two London buses within the hour, for a flat fee of £1.50.

This is great news for the many Londoners who rely on catching multiple buses every day. Many of those who use PAYG find the upfront fees for monthly or annual travelcards too expensive.

Said Khan, whose dad was apparently a bus driver, "It is just the start of my plan to ensure that travelling around London is affordable for everyone, a commitment that includes a freeze on TfL fares for four years – benefiting millions of people."

Though Khan will be happy to lap up the credit for the one-hour ticket, it was not his idea; Lib Dem mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon has been campaigning for it since 2009.

Last Updated 10 May 2016

Dave Cross

"whose dad was apparently a bus driver"

That "apparently" seems a bit strange. Is there a reason to doubt the claim?

Peter Walker

To be fair to Mayor Khan, he never said it was an original idea. The one-hour hopper ticket is used in many countries around the world. The only mystery here is why didn't the absent Mayor of London ever instigate it in his eight year reign?


Did he say it was his idea? Are you only allowed to implement your own ideas? This article seems like it was written by a dim person.

Rick Blackman

The Labour baiting continues, whether it is Khans idea or not, he is the one implementing it. World peace, that's not an original idea either, however I would give credit if a person were able to implement it. You see it's the implementation that counts, which is why that useless idiot Boris will not even be a footnote in Londons history

President George Washington.

fair play, the bus system should work in regards to transfers the same way the tube does

Melvyn Windebank

Item is not quite correct as on introduction Hoppa ticket will only allow one change of bus within an hour.

TFL need to upgrade systems first to allow multiple changes ,

Seems Boris thought it was to complex to introduce but he never did detail ....

Nicky Tanner

"Though Khan will be happy to lap up the credit for the one-hour ticket, it was not his idea" - bit spiky isn't it? do we know that he will be happy to lap up the credit for it?

TheDanielCoyle .

Talking about lapping up credit, BJ was happy enough to lap up credit for the "Boris bikes" despite them actually being implemented by KL, and only really rolling out under BJ.

Oliver Twist

was now .... another thing there would be to do in London, should engage homes for you to at are rented to those who work , they were safer and more hygienic . I believe that those who landed 70 years ago in America as an emigrant , he lived most of today except that the immigrants of yesterday had minimum 40-50 years , those of today half of the year 22/27 ..... forgive my English


It might be technically complex to implement multiple free rides on contactless cards due to the capping rules on day travel overall. In essence you would have two competing rules and mistakes would happen. Thats a shame as many contactless users no longer use PAYG oyster cards due to this.

david s

Has TFL worked out any costs/loss of revenue for doing this ? With a fares freeze also being introduced there may have to be service cuts to pay for all this.

Errol Squires

Good for london people but have yet to work out what London busses have the hopper fare.
I asked the driver of my 292 bus edgware to borehamwood and was told no hoppa fare but tfl are looking into it.
So despite being a red London bus that acepts oyster and no cash fares as the other busses do.
Hoppa does not apply to all London busses or so I was told.