Find Out How To Grow A New Limb And Survive The End Of The World

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Last Updated 18 May 2016

Find Out How To Grow A New Limb And Survive The End Of The World

Pint of Science festival, now in its fifth year, provides a winning combination of science and booze. Dozens of talks are happening across town — mostly in pubs. Many are already sold out, but there's still room at some intriguing events.

A particularly wide-ranging talk looks at the origins and purpose of life, while another looks forward to the inevitable but hopefully far-off end of life on Earth.

For something more hands-on, head to the George IV in Chiswick for an evening of demonstrations, including a non-Newtonian fluid and a drone. Elsewhere, learn about the crossovers and collaborations between artists and scientists.

Several events look to the future. A double talk in Hackney Wick explores two possible worlds: a cleaner, greener future on Earth, or one where we spread among the planets. Will doctors be replaced by robots? Will firefighters be replaced by drones? Learn how artificial intelligence is now gathering pace, and how the human body might itself become part machine, or biologically enhanced.

Staying with human matters, find out about the earliest stages of life and foetal development. What new technologies can help detect heart conditions or cancer cells, or help with your back pain?

Space fans are particularly well served. Now they've finally been detected, what can gravitational waves tell us about the universe? Learn about the dust and ice between the stars, or the universe's earliest moments. Or how about an evening of space oddities, including a science pub quiz?

All this and more can be found on the Pint of Science website.

Pint of Science, 23-25 May 2016, various locations and ticket prices. Images via Pint of Science.