Big Green Monkey Floats Down The Thames

By Zoe Craig Last edited 30 months ago
Big Green Monkey Floats Down The Thames

A six-metre tall green monkey statue sailed down the Thames this morning; the latest of London's riverine publicity stunts.

Made of 110,486 fabricated green tea leaves, the huge primate is depicted clutching a mug, encouraging people to try green tea.

The organisers also want to remind people that the 'presence of green, from workspaces to living room walls, [has] a direct impact on boosting positivity and productivity due to the primal association to nature and open spaces.'

What do you think of the stunt? We're not sure we need to add it to our list of London's greatest publicity stunts just yet.

Although it might warrant a mention on this collection of oddest things to float down the Thames.  

Last Updated 17 May 2016