Two Thirds Of Passengers Against Standing Only Escalators

By Londonist Staff Last edited 25 months ago
Two Thirds Of Passengers Against Standing Only Escalators
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Remember those standing only escalators in Holborn?

Apparently the experiment worked so well, it proved up to 30% more people could travel on the escalator. TfL has now extended the trial to run for six months (from 18 April).

But passengers aren't happy — two thirds of them in fact.

Research from Channel 5 — currently broadcasting a documentary on London Underground — suggest that a whopping 91% of tube users claim they walk up the escalators, and that nearly three in 10 say it's the only exercise they get in the working day.

What's more, 54% claim that even if TfL bring the 'standing only' rule into full effect during rush hour, they'd just ignore it.

We hope TfL are training up their staff to be resilient; 46% of passengers claimed the move to stand still could lead to 'tube rage'. Whether they're talking about other peoples' tube rage or their own, we're not sure.

Last Updated 07 April 2016


I think that should be (only) introduced in places (and times) where they operate two up escalators. Have one of the two standing only and the other with a walking up side.

Rich Thomas

Channel 5's research sounds like it's been asked of *any* escalator, rather than 'those ridiculously long ones at Holborn that hardly anyone walks up'. Which would be either lazy polling, or cynically misleading in an attempt to get an anti-TfL headline. The other rather loaded questions seem to point to the latter. 'Cause it surely can't be 91% of *Holborn* users claiming they walk up *specifically those* mega-scalators.

Jo Brodie

I'm right-handed so would generally prefer to be standing on the right hand side of any escalator if standing. Probably I'd get used to holding on with the other hand though.

Giles Cudmore

One of the best things about living in London in walking up the left side of escalators on the tube and saying EXCUSE ME in a loud voice to confused looking tourists, please don;t let them make me less of an arse.